The evergren slogan of 'Lal Bahadur Shastri' our inspiring leader of freedom struggle and the former Prime Minister of india is the driving spirit for us to design and propose a farmer welfare scheme all over India.The three main problems faced by our farmers are

  • 1.Money for agricultural activities
  • 2.Marketing
  • 3.Management

For each , he is forced to borrow money from money lenders by pledging his land.If crops fail he will not be able to repay it in time. Once he fell in the clutches of money lenders , he cannot escape from it.Second one is the marketing.When good harvest is made,the prices will be the lowest. His main consumer will be in a far away state where he cannot sell it directly.So the middlemen exploits his weakness and the farmer remains as a poor worker forever Third one is management.The selection of right crop , right season , proper marketing etc are most important.But the illeterate farmer is not a match for urban plunders.

Mission Indira designed a program for peasants from seeds to super bazars.The farmers consortiums managed by professionals will collect and market every product through nationwide superbazars. All the consortiums will be owned by farmers and they will get their profit percentage besides the price of the crops. It will revolutionize farming and put and end to farmer suicides.